Alesso at the Encore and night out on freemont

So up early with the plan of hiring a car and going to the grand canyon with Poland Kamil, Israel Ron and London Alastair it had to be cancelled, as Ron bought EDC tickets so couldn’t go and Alastair was hiding in his room nursing a major hangover , so with only two people and Kamil wanting to just go one way it was never going to happy. So to make the most of the day instead the perfect replacement is to head along to a pool party!

Signed up on the guest list through my contact Pete for Alesso at Encore Wynn, I need to be there early so in by 1pm. Easiest of the hotels to get to as start of the strip, the bus doesn’t take too long and buy the $8 for 24hours. Quick to get in also, especially compared to some of the others have done, it only takes about 15minutes before can enjoy the cool set-up. Walking in straight away it is super busy and everyone is having a fab time.

Being the Wynn it is the most expensive for drinks, so avoid the $55-70 (45GBP) cocktails and stick with the cheap beer at only $12 although have to stuff them with limes to improve the taste. With most people in the pool rather than the dance floor at this stage, I spend the first hour sussing the place out as it is one of the biggest pool parties too so interesting to walk about and people watch. Also to try and suss out any people to chat to, as everyone is big groups and being pretty crazy. Even one group starts throwing $1 notes into the pool and everyone starts running around grabbing them like it is the crystal maze, which is amusing to watch and the guys are also filming the reaction. People wanting to feel like high rollers I guess (which in a place like this they probably are haha!).

I get chatting to a nice couple from Liverpool, who seem fascinated that I’m there by myself and travelling asking lots of questions so cool to chat to them for a bit. They tell me that they pre bought the tickets for here costing them 100GBP for both, so its great being able to get in for free on the guest lists they do make a difference. As I’m chatting to them Alesso comes on and everyone goes pretty crazy for him especially as he is so close too. One guys even falls over right onto his bum and his friends can’t stop laughing at him, as it definitely wasn’t graceful.

With the Americans always very taken with the British Accent, I meet a guy called George from New York who wants me to keep talking to him while I’m at the bar just to hear the accent, which is quite amusing. With him hanging out with a cool group, including some English guys from Shropshire and a girl from Essex, I end up hanging out with them for the rest of the day on the dance floor area right under Alesso.

This is the only day pool party where I haven’t even gone into the pool as everyone having more fun out in the sun, as luckily it actually isn’t too crazy hot today. He plays all the classic Swedish house tunes plus of course his own stuff and it is definitely a great atmosphere and vibe.  It is made even better when I randomly bump into Gregor from Markinch Scotland, as they are all over here for EDC so that is really cool. Although it is quite late in the day when I do and miss Chubb and the others since they left to get ready for the first night of EDC as it starts today.

Once Alesso finishes about 5, everyone starts to head out I think  ore so because of the festival so end up just chatting to a group from Argentina who are making the most of the gambling tables they have in the place, as don’t usually see any tables in pool parties as they are much smaller. Encore is by far the best one and will definitely come back there. Maybe even one day manage to get into one of the super cool (and mega expensive) cabannas that are on the 2nd floor tier, as they have the perfect view of the DJ booth and lots of sun and space to dance. One day….

17th June 2016


image Ki



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