Afrojack omnia hostel night out

So by the time I arrive back from Fremont Street there are a few people out and seems like a good vibe around for the club night. It is not bad value at $20, which gets you in for free and the lift there plus get to go with a group so always more fun. I could have got myself on the guest list through my contact Pete, but means going solo.

There are a lot of us and the people end up hanging out with are a mix – two from NZ Vanessa and Alan who actually lives in London as a chef for Gordon Ramsey, two dutch lads Niek and Rick, a Swedish girl who has never been clubbing before so bit of a nervous girl but very cute with it.  Chandler who runs the hostel and is taking us, is a cool guys tells us to take drinks with us as the ques will be long, which they are and wait about an hour. He also before hand gives some of the guys shows to change into as they are so strict and obviously being backpackers rather than on holiday it isn’t the type of stuff everyone carries about.

Once in the club, Im impressed and it is better than Hakkasans as bigger and the set up is better with ice blasts and a cool chandelier that comes down and rotates throughout the night. It is super busy though as most of the space around the dancefloor are take by VIP tables and so like Hakkasans we are a little bit like sardines, but this time manage to stay on untilAfrojacck plays as get some good spots and he also plays a lot earlier. Afrojack is really good and like the music he plays for the whole night, as usually it can change but the vibe is buzzing until the end. So we end up being some of the last people there when it ends about 4am so it is a long but fun night and meet some interesting people there too like a cool Argentinian guy, who is persistent to do a dance off with us  and I also bump into the Argentian from the Hollywood USA hostel bar crawl that is funny.

14th June 2016





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