Last day of Mantaray and onwards to USA

So another night of games after dinner this time a bit more fun including crab racing, which I don’t win but its fun picking the crab and we all get a scare as he empties them out of the bucket as he has put a massive full size crab in the bucket and it comes running out super face in the direction of everyone’s feet. Creepy! We also do  limbo and game where you have to throw bean bags into a circle to get points.  Paired up with Linus for the bean bag throwing, calling ourselves the scubas as both on the dive together we smash it and win a cocktail each. The softball skills coming into action! Everyone after the games just heads to bed and so Kiwi bus Chris, Ben and Linus all play contract wist for an hour or so. probably one of my favorite card games as like the rounds although not won a game yet. Before bed I just chill on a hammock enjoying the stars as feeling bit sad to be leaving Fiji tomorrow and want to make the most of the amazing place.

With the morning being mainly about breakfast, packing up and waiting about for the Mantaray snorkel as want to have one last one before I leave as for the price $65 (25GBP) it is such good value.  Usually the snorkel is in the morning about 9am but this time it ends up being after the morning ferry leaves at midday. At first a bit worried it isn’t going to happen I’m pleased when it is. While waiting for it just hang out in my usual hammock looking out over the reef. Had I known it was going to be later I would have domne some more snorkelling off the reef, but by time I find out the tide is too low.

So going later to the Mantarays does mean it is harder to see them as less seem to be about and also the water is much darker today so bad visibility makes it harder. However we still some and just as graceful swimming through the sea. The group is quite big and we even picked up an old couple from Tauranga who had their own boat moored up not far from the resort. So after a lot of swimming about trying to find the mantas, it is really tiring as the current is really strong again.

We head back and the rest of the evening ends up being a little bit rushed in the end, as I go for lunch without realising that it isn’t included and have to pay extra $25, however a wise choice as the day will be far too long what with getting back to Nadi and then having a 10 hour flight. After lunch I then have to check out and re-organise my bags so that they are flight OK i.e. no liquids and heavy stuff in the hand luggage. There are a lot of leaving today, practically the whole Dorm so the boat ride back is quite fun as have kiwi bus Chris, Ben, Nev, Charlie, Hannah and meet up with Irish Chris too as he is on the same LA flight as me. The ferry as usual is about an hour late, which isn’t ideal for getting to the airport as does keep it tight, but should be fine. I think with hindsight it is better to spend a night in Nadi so not as rushed.

Being on the ferry in the dark is really weird, as only used to during the day but we do get a fab sunset our last one for Fiji – a very pink sky. Kiwi bus Chris and Ben and Swedish Linus get off at Beachcomer and do feel slightly jealous that they have one more night in Fiji. definitely could have done longer, but will come back! And it is also sad saying bye to some good friends and hopefully will be able to catch-up again not too far away.

27th May 2016







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