Snorkelling in the Blue Lagoon

So after the cave trip we are back about 11am and are able to keep the mask to add with my snorkel to check out the reef. The area you can snorkel in is cornered off with black rope, but have been told by others to snorkel outside of that and follow the reef round. As it has an edge there is a drop after it and the visibility is good despite it being a 10m drop probably. There are tonnes if fish – really big and small. The coral isn’t colourful here, but it us still nice. I only stay for about an hour before have lunch more ali carte getting honey marinated chicken.

I join matt again the ex police chief and he tells me about his duve to place called the CHAPEL where he saw bull sharks, so that sounds great. Quite jealous! He also went to place called CABBAGE PATCH that sounded good but shallower.

After lunch I head out for a guided snorkel about $15 (6 GBP) with 4 others and it isn’t bad spot although same fish as just off the beach so probably not actually worth paying or asking to go another spot. Still nice being out and guess can swim about more. We follow the reef around til current gets too strong and then head back. Not too long in total about 30mins. See a lot if nemos and schools of fish so def gives u that aquarium feel.

21st May 2016





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