Punakaiki Pancake Rocks on route to Lake Mahinapua

So leaving Westport we are traveling along a really scenic coastal route called STATE HIGHWAY 6 and im sitting at the front of the bus so get really good views of the road as it winds around the coast. With sheer rock faces on the left they all have cool formations as are limestone and so years of the weather against them. The scenery really changes to more green and a lot of flax – a plant the mauri use for a lot of things so is bit sacred.

We do a stop off at Punakaika Pancake Rocks and a blowhole, which is pretty cool to see knowing how old they are. They get better the more you lookout becoming lots of layers of rocks set in pillars in the sea. There are info signs saying how many million of years it’s taken to form these, so impressive.

The blowhole doesn’t seem that much with just water going under the cave, so maybe only good when windy.

We only stay there for 30minutes enough time to grab a coffee and rest, before the next leg of the journey to LAKE WAHINPAU to get ourselves sorted for the Kiwi Bus fancy dress party. It has a theme of Animals – your spirit animal – replacing the first idea of Old Age pensioners and there are quote a few shops in GREYMOUTH where we can buy things.  I end up buying a cute fleecy bear pyjama set, that has ears as an easy option, wheras lots of others are making it from scratch using cardboard or tights which is much cooler.

3rd May 2016







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