White Water Rafting in River Valley and on route to Wellington

Up early for white water rafting as that is what River Valley is well known for and why the kiwi bus comes all the way to River Valley, as it is meant to be one of the best. Welsh Alex is doing the rafting also so should be fun, although the 7am start isn’t so fun after the late midnight walk. It’s a really sunny clear blue sky day, which makes it so much more scenic.

Our guide has been doing it for 10 years and it is his family business, as his wife’s dad owns it and she cooks the amazing roast dinners. It’s pretty good rafting, but not as action packed at the one I did on the Tully River in Oz mainly because the water is much lower and so a lot of it is just calm rafting along the river taking in the views, which are really beautiful and a mix of sheer rocks with rainforest to just having big boulders with caves in them as we go through a couple of gorges. When we do do the rafting they are quite technical and take a bit of work and good fun to go down, but there is a lot of time in between where it is just gentle paddling. The water is too cold to flip us out of the boat, however the other boat does that or they just fall out. The water is so fresh and can even drink it as we float down. There is another person in the raft other than me and Welsh Alex, who is just on holiday from Auckland as working as a childrens doctor there. The conversation is quite mixed about children and hospitals to sheering sheep’s bums as that is what the guide does when he isn’t rafting, which is quite interesting just how much money is made from it as they sheer like 4000 sheep a day when they do it.

So the rafting lasts about 2 hours and the weather makes it fab. After it’s pretty cold getting out and tiring on the arms, but drying out in the sun helps. Everyone else from the bus is playing Frisbee and just chilling until the bus leaves at midday going onto Wellington. It is scenic as we head out stopping at the mountains to take some pics and passing deer farms and a lot of valleys. We are in the bus travelling the rest of the day as not due into Wellington until late evening with a stop at a small town called Bull.

BULL is famous in NZ for using the word “Bull” as a pun in as many as things as they can think like “removabull”, “Sensibull”, “Rentabull”, “Socialbull” and even names of shops so amusing.

April 27th 2016






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