A night at Rotorua Polynesian Spa

Arrive in Rotorua around 4.30pm and it takes about an hour to check in at Base as usual with the kiwi bus, which is frustrating for here as don’t have much time here anyway although need to decide if want to stay my originally planned 2 nights as Base doesn’t have a room for the second night.

So in the same room again with Harry, Alex and Ida and also with 2 English girls Issy and Charlotte who are nice. I spend the first hour charging my phone and researching the options for where to go if I did stay, before committing myself to a hostel. There seems a lot to do a place called WAIMAMGU a cool volcanoe place, but it’s a bit pricy. Also option of a Muir Wood forest walks to get views of Rotorua, but having already seen the Californian ones and it not really being what Rotorua is about it’s only a nice to have. Other option is Te Pai a volcano and mauri park, so get culture too considering I’m missing out on the Mauri Village Experience this time as have it as a future thing to do on another visit to NZ as would rather stay overnight than just the dinner, but think it’s more of a couple thing like what I did in elephant hills in Thailand. With Te Pai think that’s part of the kiwi tour, but need to check as that will determine how long I need here.

So as most of the bus is at the Mauri Village for the show and dinner, it’s only welsh Harry and Miriam from Surrey who aren’t so all of us head to the Polynesian Spa a natural heated set of pools all for $25 all slightly different temperatures around 38-43 degrees. It’s quite hard to sit in them for too long as too hot, but nice sitting on the pool edge looking out at the view of SULPHUR BAY and getting used to the egg smell as strongest here. It’s so relaxing here with rocks around the pool and we stay there for about an hour or so chatting away.

After the spa we go back and change and by that time the rest of the bus is back from the mauri village and up for drinks so we head down to the Base bar LAVA. Good bar with cheap food offers and happy hour so

22nd April 2016


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