Leaving the surf waves of Old Mans to Kuta Tz and Skygarde

So sadly it’s the final day in Canguu and along with that it is also a rainy thunder day- well at least for a lot of the morning.

Heading to the beach for the last time with Tereza as still sharing the bike, try to decide whether to hire a board or not as the waves look pretty full on today and I’m not convinced will be very easy. Great waves to watch, but more for the professionals as already crowded too for the amount of waves there are. Plus it starts heavily raining and timewise it is tight as need to get to Kuta and unsure how long that will take.

After a pancake breakfast with Tereza and another German girl, they want to walk up towards seminyak, so we decide for me to take the bike back as it is in my name anyway and I need to get back to the hostel. Once the bike is dropped off, I do feel a little relieved at not having to drive any more and that there are no issues when I return it. Along the way I see the Cape Trib girls and they are going to Seminyak, so decide to share a taxi between us, which makes it a lot cheaper. A big hassle getting a taxi through uber, as the hostel is a uber free zone and when you have no call credit it doesn’t help. An hour later we find one and can get on route.

So arriving to Kuta Tz, it feels like home and without even needing a pre booking I end up in a decent enough room with a couple if nice American/ Canadian girls. Heading straight to the pool bar area to kill time before skygarden, end up chatting to a cool Yorkshire lad called Alex who has the best tattoos and a lot of them, even on his knuckles, apparently the most painful place. Hanging out for a good hour, Alex is keen to try Skygarden so we get changed and head there together, which is cool.
Definitely making the most of the unlimited drink for the super value 100k (£5) until 9pm, it’s nice chatting away and a group of Canadian girls join the table too in am attempt to get rid of a crazy guy from Seattle who is very annoying.

After 9pm Alex needs to head back as starts feeling sick, so Im left to my own devices for rest of the night hanging out initially with the Canadians before making some new friends and bumping into canguu Alex. Not noticing the previous night, I realise he actually has a slight disability and am quite inspired by his bravery to travel; especially when he tells how some people don’t accept him, ignore him and since travelling has knocked his confidence rather than grown it. He keeps saying how lovely Im being to him, so it’s nice to make him feel part of it and welcomed as sky garden can be quite a clickky place at times. 

Alex heads back to the hostel and I end up hanging out with a group from Melbourne who are staying in a nice hotel nearby and going back for more drinks. Invited by the more chatty ones Mark and Shayne, with Mark being quite pleased to have a UK place as surname with Welsh and me being from London. So considering I can have a lie in, im keen to check out how the other non backpackers live. Staying in Grand Barong it is very posh even having all their towels shaped as percy pigs, rainfall showers, lounge and nice balcony looking over the pool and a fridge full of bintang. All for a smooth 1.3million (£65) so bargain really and reminds me of all the home comforts I’m missing out on haha.

24th March 2016







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