Hello again Coogee and Bondi

So after a pretty chilled last morning in Kuta with a final swim in the gorgeous sunshine, the return back to Oz was a long and pretty uneventful journey. So due to Bali being a spontaneous trip I added an extra 5 hours by having to go via Perth and hanging round the airport for a few hours.

Eventually arriving sunny Sydney at 8am after a ridiculously uncomfortable flight again with Tiger air who have the hardest seats. Even with the help of a neck pillow the guy sitting next to me kindly gave – a dude called Lincoln. From the parts I was awake, which wasn’t much he had some interesting stories to tell so always make a journey better haha.

So arriving back to Ali’s it’s great to see her again and we head out to the big Westfield center in bondi junction to catch up. She needs a few new house things as she is getting new flat mates and I’m on the hunt for warm clothes for nz as  it’s 10degrees cooler, which will be a shock to the system! Grabbing some surprisingly nice pasta from the posh food court they have, it’s nice sitting outside in the sun and looking out at the views it has over the city. A good spot!

Not wanting to waste the good weather by being indoors as think thats the only nice day ahead, just my luck, I head out to Bondi beach and enjoy grabbing a sleep on the green as super tired from the flights and watching the surfers on the great Bondi waves. At one point a raft and jet ski clear everyone out of the sea and it’s pretty cool to see them flying over the waves practically vertical as they do it. Definitely an adrenaline driver there. So wondering if it’s a shark precaution, I make a mental note to self to start watching Bondi rescue again when back in the uk haha.

Now able to get a direct bus bondi beach to coogee – 362 – I manage to get back at a decent time so Ali and I can grab a few drinks out with a plan of heading to a house party in an area called waterloo maybe later. Starting drinks in the CBH in the beer garden it still is one of my favs I think as more chilled than the pavilion when your out in the garden. Not stayed inside yet where they play the live music, but always looks fun. Ali knows a few people there from the surf club and they are all interesting and think should I ever decide to move to Oz joining a surf club is the best option to meet people and keep fit. They teach you a lot of new skills and of course your swimming gets million times better!

Once the CBH garden starts emptying out, we head to the good old Pavilion, which is busy as usual. With the house party off the cards now, end up with a bottle of prosecco as it is actually cheaper than standard white. It’s a pretty good vibe with a nice mix of people we end up chatting too outside, one being a cop that ends up hanging out with us because he is on call and his friends all head onto CASABLANCA  club in Double Bay. Apparently a very glitzy place and probably not the place for a backpacking budget, so safest in the Pav despite there not being much of a dance floor, which can make it harder to chat to groups. 

Saturday 26th March







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