Hello New Zealand!

So my last few hours in Sydney before having to head to the airport are spent repacking the backpack with all the new clothes have bought and doing last min travel admin; making sure all what needs to be booked for next few days is done. It’s a nice sunny day to depart from, but don’t really have the time to make the most of it by time I need to get to airport. After hanging out and catching up with Steve last night, he offers to give me a lift to Bondi Junction as finishes work at 2 so that is handy as my bags are heavier after the new additions and repicking up the things I left at Ali’s.

The journey to the airport is actually seemless and no problems – it’s a good train service. The airport time goes quickly by time I get NZ money, walk around as it is big and grab food. The flight is also quick and do my blog and sleep, as flying with virgin budget so no films or anything. We get a free coffee, but not much else.

Arriving midnight Christchurch time, it takes ages to get bags and get out as they are very strict about foods coming in and tabacco and so have to wait in line for xray. I ditch some dried noodles I had as not sure if that would cause a problem.  Once out ok I grab a local Sim through SPARK who I’m really surprised are so much more expensive than Australia for data. Getting a travel pack for $49 (£25) that just gives 3GB I’m going to have to watch what I use, especially as hostels never have free wifi! By time I get to my hostel YHA Rolleston House using an airport shuttle that is very quick and not too expensive at $24 (£12), it is about 1.30am and Im so tired. The hostel has left keys in an envelope for me, so thats easy and before bed I chill out on the sofa finishing blog posts and organising stuff for morning as up at 7am for my 8am Naked Bus to Timaru to meet Tahu.

31st March 2016


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