A Spontaneous Canguu Sunset

So after an afternoon of doing nothing apart from chilling around the pool and organising photos, I head out with the intention of dinner only to feel spontaneous and jumping in a taxi to go to Old Mans Bar and try and catch the sunset. Not being very organised and just giving about 30minutes to get there, I nearly don’t catch it due to bad traffic most of the way, but luckily I end up there in plenty of time to sit on the rocks with all the other people enjoying the gorgeous sunset and watching all the surfers in the water, all pretty good! It’s a totally relaxed atmosphere, enjoying three of my favourite things sunsets, waves and surf.

To make the most of the journey down I head for a beer. Whilst the taxi wasn’t expensive but is in Bali world at 65k (£3.50) for a 10minute ride, considering you can travel from.kuta to canggu for same price but only coming into town. Canggu has it’s own taxi pricing policy and is super strict about uber pick ups with signs everywhere saying no uber zones.

Old Mans has live music on, which is good and I end up staying there for a couple if drinks before realising that in the process of taking all the sunset pictures and videos my phone battery totally died. Usually not a problem, but with no idea on the address of the hostel and it being so unknown start thinking it could pose a problem. However luckily I spot a few of the girls from the hostel and so end up being able to share a taxi back with them, which is handy although does mean leaving earlier than planned to the hostel where there isn’t much else going on.

So when we first get back the hostel is empty apart from us girls. The evening gets a bit more interesting when everyone from the hostel returns, especially Katie the temporary hostel manager who is always fun and full of energy, back from a moonlight surf that sounds super cool. She did it with a friend, as dangerous to do alone and said it was so amazing under the nearly full moon and having the ocean to yourself. I imagine you have to be a pretty good surfer though, being able to see the waves to go for in the dark.

So with a few of us all sitting around in the small communal, it becomes a bit more relaxed over some beers as previously most seem to stick to own groups.

There is a cool group of swedish lads who are nice to chat to and all have the most amazing english – always puts us British to shame when it comes to languages! They only stay up until 10 as doing an early surf so the rest of the evening is a bit slow to start. Eventually there are a few of us who head out to the pool area, with my speaker, so ends up being more fun and quite an amusing group. Two germans who both are already quite drunk, Ryan and Denny who run the hostel, an ozzie guy called Henry and three French Canadians. We end up hanging round the pool until quite late looking at the nearly full moon, stars and swimming in the pool to gangster rap music haha.

22nd March 2016







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