Daintree National Park – A ride along crocodile river

The next stop on route to Cape Tribulation, is another part of Daintree National Park the Crocodile Cruise. As we head there we pass all the sugar cane fields, that a few years ago with the bad floods were completely covered and it’s hard to believe they were ever so high as he says even the road travelling on was under water.

The boat trip is about 45mins long and unfortunately the weather doesn’t stop raining so it is a fairly wet ride, but still cool seeing the river and forces along the edge, reminding me a little of Borneo. The guide stops the boat a couple of times to spot crocs, both hard to see.

The first croc is a small little guy eating a toad and we all manage to get to see him, as he is fairly out in the open. The second croc is a bigger adult croc and is guarding eggs, so she is really hidden within the mangroves and I don’t ever quite manage to see it despite the guides best efforts to point him out. The guide does say because of the rain they are more hidden, but it’s nice to see at least one.

We are told stories of how clever the crocs are and not to be under estimated at all, as when Steve Irwin was alive there were some nuisance crocs in the area that were going to have tone killed as were seen to be too aggressive. Not wanting to kill them as they are such a protected species, Steve Irwin decided to move them all the way to Brisbane in a more remote area. As part of the process he tagged them and was surprised to find that after a few months, they came back to Daintree travelling all the hundreds of miles across deserts and land and waters, which is a crazy thought! The most prehistoric of animals definitely need a lot of respect.

7th March 2016







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