Cape Trib – Jungle Surfing through the trees

After a pretty chilled night as nothing to do and everything closed at 10pm, even before my night walk finished, I’m up early for my zip wiring through the trees. We are picked up at the beach house and it is a 5minute drive away, near the SNAKE HOUSE and PKS.

The crew are all nice and chat away throughout the tour. The first bit is the human Hamster wheel, which is used to get the initial people up to Platform 1. It is an odd numbered group and I am last, which suits me as can see what happens first, however does make it feel very long waiting about. The rest of the group are mainly English and Swedish, with a German couple too.

There are 7 platforms in total, including the wheel and it’s interesting as we go around, as the crew do give info on the forest as we go through.

8th March 2016



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