Farewell Surfers

An early start to the day as the sunrise wakes me up as well as hearing Jake coming back from NZ, who lives with Affy when not working away at the mines. It’s a nice sunny day, so spend the morning chatting to Jake, having coffee and breakfast on the balcony making the most of the sunshine before heading off to Q1.

As the weather is still nice after going to the tower, head to the beach to soak up some rays and people watch all the swimmers jumping the waves and body surfing. There is also a small market, on every Weds and Sat, which is mainly seĺling souvenirs, beauty and jewellery so cool too see, but nothing really of interest for me.

Heading back after the market, I decide to try the pool at Affy’s and Jakes place as it’s too hot at the beach and can’t do any proper swimming in the sea. Their pool is lovely so stay until 5 as I have to head to the Q1 for the night ticket. Jake and his friend Nick are having a super energetic game of tennis next to the pool, which is quite interesting to watch the competitiveness of the boys.

Only needing about an hour at the evening session, I come back and have a few drinks with Affy before heading out into town starting at the beergarden as been there before so know it and it’s free. While im there I bump into Kate from Byron Aquarius who is on the big Backpacker bar crawl and they are heading to Vanity Club which is small but quite nice and good music. We only stay for an hour before heading to Sin City a much bigger club and quite seedy just like it’s name. Not too good at the start as too busy, but it ends up being a fun and late night managing to get an invite to an after party on the otherside of the bridge to where Affy’s place is. A memorable send off to Surfers, the place famous for it’s nice life.

3rd February 2016








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