Last Saturday In Perth

Today Tamara’s housemate Michelle returns back from her xmas in Canada and so we all head out to Trigg beach to have a swim and catch the rays for few hours. A few of us are in the mood for afternoon beers and as we need to be back by 2pm to book the fire relief disclosure tickets anyway, we stop off on the way back to pick up some drinks and get settled in the courtyard eating cheese and playing with Beanz the dog who we are looking after for the day. There are a few new faces I’ve not met before, Marrissa and Joe who are over for drinks for a good while. Later on Marrissa and Michelle say they are heading out to scarbrough beach for few drinks to meet friends in Ocean One Bar who all seem nice although already quite drunk lol. We stay there until closing and try to go to the newly refurbed Matisse Beach Club, but missed last entry so Marissa decides to have drinks at her house instead which is fun and everyone quite lively. About 3.30am her friend Simo decides to head out to dance and so keen to go too. We aim for Geisha Bar but miss entry by 5mins (2nd time for the night) so end up in Connections Club until 5am dancing away which is fun and good to have chance to check out North bridge area of perth.

9th January 2016


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