Spending the last day of the year in Perth

Today meet up with Leon from CMW days and get to explore life on the cycle around inaloo heading to the nearest mall Westfield mistaking it for the one next door called megamall . So grabbing a coffee with Leon it’s good to Reminisce and check out the new freelancing plans he has and chat about both our travel plans. Before I leave I grab a few hours of shopping for New Year’s Day party as after 3 months of backpacking feeling the need for a new outfit especially when it is a day like the races!

Getting back to Tamara’s after the fun cycle ride back, T and KC are in the mood to party and after a complete outfit change head to Scarborough beach to celebrate the new year in with about 8 of us. Amusing how different the drinking rules are in Perth as not allowed to drink outside standing so have to have a seat, which is tough when there are no seats lol. The sunset at Scarborough is lovely and Bex has a creative moment and vision taking my photo of the night being Daniel son with my yoga tree pose and sunset background! Another to add to the sunset collection 😉 Overall it’s got a lively vibe and is quite busy with lots of silly antics playing with party hats, while enjoying expresso martini Abby treated us all too… But as we have the all day session at Marquee we don’t stay out crazily late to save ourselves for the main day.

31st December 2015







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