Xmas Road Trip – Albany

The last destination for the road trip and before we make the massive 5 hour drive back is Albany. Then we well and truly have driven around most of the south west (2k km)- just not so far around as Esperance which is also meant to be beautiful and have the best beaches in Western Australia.

We leave Denmark early after our Ravens breakie all slightly tired from the previous late night. The beach on route is Cosy Corner and is nice and not too busy like greens pool. The water here isn’t wavey either so manage to get a good amount of swimmimg in and it feels so refreshing too. We stay here for a couple of hours then head into Albany town for lunch and go to Three Anchors whose food is lovely as I choose the lamb and mint yogurt pittas. Sitting outside with a view to the beach it’s a nice pit stop before the big return and Albany seems like there is plenty to do should I ever road trip to this area again.

27th December 2015






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