The great coffee of Bali

Along with all the cool coffee shops in Ubud village we have found including Anomolie Coffee which has a cool vibe to it and coffee from around the world, we manage to visit a couple of the local coffee plantations inbetween our tours. 

Just like Vietnam they have coffee from animal poo they call Luwak Coffee and is from an asian civet sort of like the weasel in Vietnam. The first one we visit is really nice amongst the jungle and we get complimentary a taster of tea and coffee. The teas are very sweet and most taste like lemsips berry, ginger and lemon flavours. The taster coffee is very sweet, so great for me rather than Holly as they use honey and cream in all of them. The best is vanilla but mocha, coconut were quite nice. Holly as more of the coffee drinker between us orders the luwak civet coffee and to compare they bring out the traditional bali coffee, which both you don’t have milk with. Of the two Luwak is the winner, but both are too strong for me. The views are nice and some funny signs about how life is so much better with coffee in your life. I’m still all about a a strong builders tea though haha.

The 2nd one we visit is further out and on the way to the volcano and as we are higher up its much cooler plus the weather in general is not as good with rain. As we have a,ready done the taster tea and coffee, we just ask for one which they give free of charge as it is just the Lywak coffee you pay for. i guess they make their money up when people buy tea or coffee from their shop afterwards. Holly orders a small traditional Bali coffee she has to have black and I go with the vanilla coffee which comes with cream. The views are nice here too looking out to the jungle. Don’t see many animals here and the guy says they are just for the tourists and they collect from wild ones. 

18th and 19th December





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