Nusa Lemboghan – perfect chilled getaway and snorkelling with jelly fish

Leaving Flores, unlike on the way there we are on time departing despite nearly not making it due to a motor bike crashing into the back of our taxi not seriously but enough to get offered a bribe to sort it out there by the bike driver.

So its a not bad flight across flying over the beautiful islands and just a little turbulence going over the volcanoes. When we arrive immediately picked up by our boat company ROCkY which is so convient and they look after us all the way to our hotel in nusa lemboghan which is what you call door to door service and quick as the fast boat only takes 30mins.

Get into the hotel about 6pm we soon find out that its a total chilled island and very quiet with places shutting up at 9-10pm as we have a walk along the beach but eat in our hotel which is average but enjoy happy hour drinks of cocktail in pineapples.

8am snorkelling the next morning on a boat called captain blank that takes us totally around the island so a great eay to explore it especially for the price 150k (£7.50). Go past lots of bays and hidden beach coves as its a very rocky island so plenty in amongst the cliffs.  We are hoping to see manta rays however when we get there the sea is full of jelly fish all shapes and sizes so nervous about getting in. Especially as when we ask the captain he just says they itch when we ask if they sting so that means a yes they sting! It ends up 3 of the 4 spots we go are jelly fish invaded and it’sa shame we just didn’t jump in at the start at manta bay to see if there were any manta rays since we ended up swimming with the jelly fish anyway as eventually mentally prepared ourselves. The fish were cool at the last 2 spots crystal bay and mangrove but still need to get a book on them as no idea what type apart from angel fish and saw beautiful rainbow colour and electric blue ones small and big.

Back early as we hardly snorkelled due to the jelly fish we decide to walk up to where Tamara got married in gorgeous resort called Batu Katang and stay for lunch. Shame couldn’t make it as looks like would have been amazing wedding. Great views,tranquil pool and tasty food! We got a Balinese mix taster plate of curry, satay, corn fritters, veg and some weird fish thing. And they have the bali cider as every where else doesn’t seems to have it but its so refreshing and lighter than beer.

After lunch we arrange for a bar called Hai Bar on mushroom beach to pick us up as that’s what a lot of places do due to the island being awkward to get around unless you have a scooter. So efficient and Batu Karang even golf buggy us up to the top of their resort as its on a huge hill and just jump on a tuk tuk truck after checking out the amazing lap pool and delux rooms they have – its def some place!

It only takes about 15mins to get to mushroom beach and its super cute and super quiet. The Hai bar is nice with a pool we can use but we decide to sit on the beach and swim in the sea as you can do pools anywhere. Spend the next couple hours people watching the few that are about as some odd behaviours by people. This time of year the beach doesn’t get the full sunset so can’t add it to my collection, but we still find a nice bar with happy hour sitting right on the beach to watch what we can of it, while enjoying cheap cocktails and seeing the whole of the beach light up as it’s very pretty at night. We walk up to Hai Bar for dinner and drinks Holly starting with an expresso martini and me with a beer as thats more within my budget haha. We both order wood oven pizza for dinner and it’s pretty good although little italy on gili still my favourite. Holly tries the local red wine and treats me to a glass of white and it’s actually really nice surprisingly. We arrange our drop off to hotel and super impressed on their service and the fact they do it at all! Nice evening overall.

16th December 2015



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