The great views of Labuan Bajo Bay

Nice to have an airport transfer after the delays and even better we are only 10mins from the airport to our hotel and they are able to drop Chris into town too. Our hotel is super nice with such gorgeous views of the sea and all the islands. We chill out at the pool for bit, which isn’t that refreshing as water way to hot but the views make up for that! We need to book the Komodo trip which is in town so start heading down passing a cute little bar along the way called Paradise beach bar. We stop there on the way as it has great seats for the sunset and I think this sunset has to be up there as one of the nicest with the backdrop of the harbour town and the several islands Flores has to offer most are just forests. We stay for the full sunset and see the sky go a most amazing pink colour which I’ve not seen before. Wanting to get the trip booked we need to leave, which is a shame as the bbq food looks good, they have live music and great views so maybe tomorrow night stay longer.Chris met us at the sunset bar and on route researched and chatted to a few people re the trip so super helpful as head straight to a lady who he Said was nice and good price. It’s crazy the difference in booking it here as in Uk companies wanted about £130 for it and we get it for about £25- big difference! Even our hotel wanted £130 just for the boat then we still need entry and guide and food while on Rinca.

Feeling much happier when its all booked and we know we have a 7.15am start we go to grab some crisps etc for the boat and then hunt for a nice restaurant. It’s definitely not a busy street, but there are a few italian restaurants which we end up after failing to find anywhere that does local Indonesian food apart from the street food places, which could be a bit risky for the boat the next stay especially when you walk past all the fish just laying out with flys all about it. I’m sure its fine like any other street food have had but too risky for a whole day out on a tiny boat! So the food in Mediterranean restaurant is really nice with homemade carbonara pasta, creme brulee and banana fritters with a supersized sangria too. It’s pretty dead by 10pm – no sign of any bars – so have to walk back up the hill as it’s town with no taxi’s – which Holly is bit nervous about but it’s much quicker than we expect and no issues at all. Great night for looking at the stars so use that as a distraction on the walk up, as throughout the travels there are not many places I’ve been able too see Stars.

13th December 2015





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