In search for the Komodo Dragon

Early start today eating breakfast by 6.45am ready for the 7.15am pick up and it’s usual banana pancakes, juice and coffee with some handbaked rolls which we take for the boat. The boat isn’t  big and sharing with 5 other people its a good size group. The only thing being the boat is SO SO SO SLOW and takes 2 hours to get to Rinca when a speedboat would be 30mins lol. But it is amazing scenery and just use the time to catch the rays and update the blog although the noise of the engine is loud and quite annoying.

We arrive at the entrance to a sign that says watch out for crocs but don’t see any which would have been cool. There are 8 in our group and we get tickets from.a guy called uncle luios a park ranger and total cost on top of the boat which was 270k (£13) was an extra 230k (£11) so much cheaper than the £135 Holly was quoted. However I think you get what you pay for as the boat quality isn’t fantastic as so slow and think one of the engines went on the way there and why was so slow.

So as a group we decide to do the medium hike of  hour half as the ranger says good to see the dragons but island us huge and just 2000 on the island. First  stop is the kitchens where about 7 hang out (we think cause they are fed!) and they are a mix of super large males and some smaller females. They look so lazy slumped over each other and some asleep but guess thats how they get their food as are so well camouflaged and still when animals go by they bite and the poison gets them. We see the leftovers of a buffolo hoof which wasn’t digested after some killed that waiting a week for the poison to work vs on a deer taking 2 hours. The guide also tells us they eat their babies as are cannibals – nice breed!! Along the hike we don’t see much in the wild with only a baby one hidden in the bush next to some momkeys and a large one on the way out that looked like a branch as so well camaflaged. Bit frustrating we don’t see more and would have preferred to do the longer hike to see them but as I learnt from Borneo you can’t rush nature haha. Once we are back from the walk a few of us want to see the kitchen again as thats where most are and interesting as soon as the guide has done their time they stop working and don’t accompany us as we are not meant to be on our own or within 5m as they have sticks to push them away if they get close as apparently they have attacked humuns. Eventually the guide comes over and we can get close enough to take some cool pics of us behind one of the larger dragons, even looking a bit super imposed!

14th December 2015






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