Paradise Sunset Chill and Flames

With only 2 nights left on the lovely Gili T and having a pretty long and intense day Sunday doing the diving certificate a good night was on the cards, especially as it’s also Ali from Leeds last night who is staying next dorm to us. So renting a bike for 20k as it’s the best way to get about,  with Mark and Ali we head to my favourite place Paradise Sunset Bar and it doesn’t disappoint with the awesome chilled mambo tunes and sunset. We bump into a few of the others there Joey and Adelaide Tom and end up there until about 9pm. The usual impressive flame throwers come on and offer people to have a go. Joey is watching and says he can do every move guy is doing but just never with fire so tell him to get up there and show, actually thinking he might be bigging himself up haha. So very impressed when first time he totally nails it and does it maybe even better than the guy and I manage to catch a bit of it
Joey Aka Flame Thrower. So with his new nick name we ask him where he learnt the moves and classic comment of

“I learnt it back in the day raving with the boys”

Apparently used to go raving with rave balls so got the swinging technique and so the fire isn’t the type to burn so once you got the moves you got it nailed pretty much!

6th December 2015


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