Final Jamming with the boys

As the local lads on the guitar and singing have been such a fun part of Gili we have to have a farewell session as nice friendly guys always saying hello as I pass by on the bike! So on the way back in the usual spot outside the Gili Mart there is already a few quite merry people there, with an English guy in particular who is totally getting involved dancing and singing and has a good voice – quite high pitched so maybe done chrior singing or something! They play the only few songs they know which are all good like Be Happy, Bob Marley, Wonderwall, U2 so all good fun. Another request for Californication comes in from a Finish guy – popular there – but doesn’t know the words and either do the local boys so bit of a non starter. So finish up on Wonderwall which is definitely the easiest to get people involved with. Mission if I come back to Gili is to teach them a few new songs haha.

6th December 2015



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