Finding Nemo and Giant Sea Turtles

So after having a write off day and being totally wiped out after the sunrises and boat party, wake up Friday super early and Clint is going for a dive. Still keen to learn and do some snorkelling, I head out to DSM Dive with him and manage to get a free spot on his dive boat to suss out diving and do some snorkelling which is pretty good as see giant sea turtle and so many tropical fish that all look like nemo! Think I need a book on them as no idea really but all look pretty. Its good practice in the water with the breathing and so when get back I book myself on the discovery dive which is a taster session in the pool for some basics like how to breathe with no regulator and how to empty my mask when filled with water before then hitting the open water which I get on easy with and manage to swim about with my instructor Edwardo no problem and dont get panicked underwater. He pretty much led me tho as pulled me where needed at times as no bouyancy control yet lol so kept floating up and he set all the equipment up so not really that familiar with it yet! As I feel quite ok with it I decide to take the plunge and book lessons. Due to time and not in the lessons getting on as well with Edwardo my instructor as in the discovery dive- I think because his expectations were too high afer first session and he fast tracked too much as needed to do the theory which is a day and more time in pool, but he was rushing so getting frustrated especially as he wanted to be on a dive so he made it all a bit awkward and for a one to one session didnt build up my confidence at all. However I still managed to get the first level certificate as a scuba diver so main thing. The other dive I did as part of lesson was also cool with 2 giant turtles at the bottom so such a great way to learn and keen to do more! Especially when even snorkelling as you see such amazing fish and sea turtles just at the left end of the island past the rocks going out to sea for ages. Good fun heading out there with my new ozzy mate Mark and Ali from Leeds who both super good divers and teach it, so I know Im in good hands following their lead!! Loving the Turtles though so much – they are just such graceful and beautiful with their markings looking very prehistoric, ancient and wise! Especially when you can right along side them.

4th, 7th and 8th December
4th, 7th and 8th December


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