TZ Party Pool and Single Fins

It’s a really sunny day so head straight to the pool which has a swim up bar so not too bad and Brad the owner introduces me to Bali cider which tastes like Apple Juice so go down well. The pool is pretty lively and start chatting to a few people a mix of the girls from Adelaide, Lucy and Kat from England, Joey from Colorado and Simon from Brisbane. Having a drink round the pool a few are going to a night called Sin Fins sunday session which is meant to be the place to go, so decide to join as we can all share a taxi as it is about 45mins away and I wouldn’t get the chance to go there otherwise. Leaving at 4.30pm which is quite early but want to catch the sunset as its meant to be cool as ontop of a cliff. As we get ready to go there is another guy who joins the grouo called Taho so we grab an 8 seater and brace ourselves for the crazy driving the balinese do. When we arrive its pretty busy and I bump into lily who I met in Hoi An and in Nha Trang which is cool! Its live music – mostly reggae – so it is quite chilled as we watch the sunset but still with some dancing. There are a lot of english aswell as token ozzies. The music stays being live all night and the band are super good playing harmonica, guitar and drums and even a tambourine lol. By 10pm its starting to empty out or everyone is too drunk and as its far away head back after some tough negotiating for taxi price to Kuta. We end up in Engine all night and im surprised that it actually has 4 dance floors and levels. Apart from the annoying schoolies in there its a pretty good night and end up chatting to a guy from woodford oddly!

29th November 2015


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