Hello Bali

So after a pretty chilled night in Kota and making the most of the Shrang-ri-la woke up feeling refreshed and a nice all you can eat breakfast buffett with pancakes and syrup to make a good start to the day. Mostly chilling as pick up at 4pm and a small walk round Kota checking out the numerous shopping malls before getting my fligjt to bali. Not impressed with air asia as huge ques to check in and flight no drinks or blanket despite it being freezing. Some french guy also asked just as I was checking in if I would have room for some vaccum packed detergent as cant get it in bali. What do u say to that when put on the spot lol as my first thought was drugs. So I just said didnt have the room and it was half way on the conveyer belt anyway. Arrive in bali about 9pm and luckily arranged for airport transfer as it is a bit crazy when arrive and evetyone offering taxis. I Share a car with 2 girls izzie and cat from Adelaide staying in the same hostel TZ party hostel, which is really nice and actually like having own room as just 2 in a room. Im sharing with Alex a german girl who is nice and decide to then stay for few more days in same room as its cool with the pools and owner Brad really helpful. Quickly dump the bags and as its now 11pm head straight out to check out the area. Hostel is so close to all bars and Sky Garden which is where I end up for most of the night, starting out in Paddys bar. The music is really good – found a backroom playing house in Sky Garden and found a dancing partner too Izmie from Auckland so makes it more fun. It shuts about 5am and seem to be one of the last ones left as usual I’m still dancing away.

28th November 2015





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