The miles and miles of palm oil on way to Dannum Valley

Leaving Kinabatungan by car rather than boat its an eye opener on how many palm tree plantations there are instead of forest and it is heary breaking really to see knowing how much that destroyed the habitat of all the wildlife and orangutans.

One company callef Genting plantations palm oil is just miles of them plus new trees being planted with nurserys.
My driver Ricky tells me that the palm oil 60% owned by chinese.

Drive through place called paris and ricky shows me 2 big houses owned by palm oil tycoons and looks very bling wth flash cars outsude big silver gates and quite out of place with the wooden shack houses on opposite side.

Crossibg the kinabatungan river you can see where the palm stops and where the forest begins of the protected dannum valley

In lahad datu drive through more oil plantations although not stopped for last hour half. Pass the towns where can see houses – – wood on stilts on outskirt of trees so can see how they just been given enough land to live on. The town in lahad is very industrial looking with a shell and tyre places. Before we reach the borneo lodge office where i am being dropped off, now with leech socks i bought from the driver,  we pass the little airpirt I’ll be flying from Friday which is so tiny and also on edge of palm oil so looks like it has only been allowed to have what limited space needed to be an airport without disrupting the palm trees as each is money

25th November 2015


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