Off roading to Dannum Valley

So transfer across from ricky to jake who works for borneo lodge and will be driving me 2.5hours to valley in a cool toyota pick up truck. Seeing dannum in the distance its stark contrast of lush forest vs the palm oil as it is protected and a national conservation area. We pass the last of the.palm oil places and the last village before go through the security checkpoint which the first one there is no security lol but 2nd further up there is a barrier

Driving throygh the bumpy roads we travel 2 hours through the conservation area making u realise how big it is. On the road whole way is elepgant dung so says there are a lor here just need to find them. We make a few stop offs as the scenery is beautiful and the trees so tall and striking. Old looking and in weird shapes. It reminds me a bit of the trees in yosemite so its cool driving through them on the road so like bit off roading experience. Always on thw lookout for wildlife seen monkey and wild pig so far and half way through to get to the lodge. We stop at a replanting center fpr toilet break.

25th November 2015


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