Hello Borneo

New chapter of the travelling to Malaysia leaving lovely Asia behind, Silk Air again being quite good with food and drinks ideal for breakfast and energy after having to power through Singapore and not sleep. Few hours to wait for flight in Kota Kinabula going to Sandankan. Tiny propellor plane pleased only an hour on it and then I get off but am bit confused as some passengers stay on so guess plane has a 2nd destination. The airport is tiny and start waiting for my bag and Im hoping that they took my bag off as had a look and didnt see a bag of my colour being taken out the hold so when it doesnt rock up on the conveyor belt Im not surprised but worried as no idea where it was going onto and asking the staff I cant find out either. Luckily my driver from borneo advwntures is there and is able to translate so within 10mins im with the mas wings guy who seems to know what he doing and makes a report. He says hang round airport as there are more flights arriving from kk but nothing rocks up and the guy is also told its not on the plane I got out so says to leave and check in again after 6.30pm as might be on next flight. So my guide takes me to supermarket to get few things incase dont get it back but unsure really what buying for as cant really wait til next day as need to leave early and would rather find out actually where it is so ask to go back to airport. Thank god when arrive back I immediately see it with the guy who was helping me and he says it was found on the plane I got off at back of hold so he got it sent straight back luckily so all ok! So now feeling relaxed and able to join borneo I arrive Sabbah hotel which is pretty nice, great pool and pretty much have a swim straight away and am only one in it as everyone else is sitting having dinner from a huge buffet thats on all around the pool. Pool has own slide and waterfall so smart and end up doing laps for about an hour till I start feeling shattered. I get changed and head down and by time I do at 9pm most people have gone so its a very quite hotel which suits me as need to catch up on sleep so can relax in the room after flat noodle penang curry a wine a free tiger beer given to me by head of food and beverages.

21st November 2015




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