New home for Siem Reap

So sad to say bye to Vietnam as its been great and seen a lot of cool places but excited for a new country! So getting to the airport from Saigon wasnt too bad apart from the usual motorbike scammers telling me
im in wrong place for airport bus and I need to get bike taxi. Other than that travel is fine, slightly delayed but arrive Siem Reap and airport looks more like a hotel or lodge as tiny lol. So to get to my hostel  I jump on a $2 motorbike taxi booked through the airport which works out well and by end have agreed for him to be my driver friday to explore the city. So the hostel looks pretty funky – nice pool all lit up and the tunes are on so ticks my box haha. Has a smart rooftop bar too and seems to stay open til about 5-6am! This is the biggest dorm yet  with 24people but all pretty friendly and chatting away. There are only 2 toilets / shower so that takes some getting used to and not sure everyone looks after them too much as one already blocked – the life of a backpacker haha. Look forward to some of the luxury hotels in bali.

11th November 2015






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