Farewell Vietnam

So sadly having to leave Mui Ne and its gorgeous weather and beaches and all the fun people have met, George is also heading to Saigon so we jump on the bus which takes about 5 hours and gets us in about 6pm. Booked into Hideout hostel again, we dump the bags and head out for food and our 2 free beers. Busy as usual we getting chatting to a guy Gareth just on holiday for 2 weeks and say we will join the pub crawl later at 10.30pm. So in the meantime I show George the few places i know down backpacker alley and hang out mostly in bar called Donkeys. There we catch up with the pub crawl group which is huge at about 30people and they move onto mad dogs which is small little club and total sweatbox! Before we know it its 2am and not really sure where to go so just find one last bar opposite Donkeys and grab some tasty pork skewers with the most spicy sauce ever… will miss vietnam food and its been a good farewell send off!

10th November 2015



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