Good morning Hoi An

With a quick, cheap and easy flight compared to the 24hour bus option I arrive to lovely blue skies and a nice hostel called sunflower. Receomnded by other travellers have spoken to, its got a nice pool and good atmosphere although the rooms not as nice as central. Deciding to go for a walk, I go the wrong way and end up on route to the beach not realising how far it us and not seeing the bikes at the front. Eventually getting there in the roasting heat, it’s definitely worth while and the beach is beautiful and goes on for ages which I walk up for about an hour. I bump into a group who was on the halong bus and have a beer at the beach bar. Getting an offer of a bike Lift to avoid the 45min walk back, that fails as the bike is buckled so end up using one if the motorbike taxis instead. Rest of evening is spent by the pool bar and join a few others who go to a nice family run restaurant next door who have the most gorgeous puppy and are so welcoming bringing out free nuts and spring rolls and going around braiding the girls hair on the tablet. An interesting Group from London, Canada and Germany.

28th October 2015


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