A town of tailors

Bumping into the girls from Freedom island, spend the morning chilling by the pool soaking up the sun and then head into town grabbing a bike so much quicker. The girls know a hidden gem called CocoBox which does amazing smoothie so go with a yogurt, Muslie and red berry which is super tasty! After head to some of the shops as the girls are getting bags made and its interesting to see how it works as they have every colour and texture of leather and amazing how quickly they can make the bags up. They also getting clothes made so head to the market for their fittings and also a more upmarket tailors who specialise in gorgeous dresses. I decided to get involved and get a playsuit made from a cute little shop with a fitting the next day. Black with white trim in same style as the one outside the shop. After a few hours of shopping we explore the market along the river which is bustling with food and people. As it gets dark Hoi An starts looking totally different with all the lanterns lit up outside shops and along the street making it feel very romantic and Bahamian feel, as the buildings are very colonial, rustic and look very French
29th October 2015 


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