A train experience


  1. So just managed to make the 11.30am train after a later than planned night out and stressful checkout as they couldn’t take card for the room so needed to do a mad dash to cashpoint on a motorbike taxi lol. So train seems fine and comfy enough with somewhere to plug my phones in and no one sitting next to me so can lay out and sleep! So just 10 hours to kill! Half way there they bring food although too unsure on what it is I leave it and just go for a coke playing it safe. The views from the train window are cool and pass farms and a few lakes and all looks very green and bit tropical. Using the time to write the blog posts from last week and catchup it’s turns into night and just 3 hours to go with the train getting much busier after stopping off. Eventually arriving about 9.30pm need to dodge the persistent guy trying to get me onto his motorbike taxi. Arrive safely at the hostel Mojzo  with the friendliest staff amidst the chaos of the street with everyone going our for Halloween which looks fun and total party party. 

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