The Peak from day to night







wpid-wp-1448216422410.jpg wpid-wp-1448216388172.jpg




Day 2 wake up to the sun shining and clear sky’s perfect for Victoria peak and skyline seeing! With such a great location it’s only couple stops to the Peak tram. Really good value and only ! And not too busy with the wait broken up by some cool pictures local kids have drawn, showing how nice and simple kids imaginations are. And these kids can draw too! Much better than the stick men I drew at school!

At the top the views are breathtakingly good and think it’s one of the nicest skylines I’ve seen! Lots of practice here with my selfie stick getting some cool ones in but also mixing it up asking people. Lots of professional photographers there hanging about for the sunset pics at 5.57pm which I try and copy and then hang about to see the skyline at night watching all the colours of the buildings come alive choosing my favourite one which is one in purple. After a days photo shoot head back down the peak, longer ques this time so don’t get back til late going via a quick walk through hong kong park watching all the yoga and fitness fanatics work out with the backdrop of the talk buildings and park lake.
20th October 2015

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