Into the Dragon-i





  1. imageAfter getting directions for where all the people are, head down Hollywood road passing trendy bars mainly full of locals and expat after workers drinking. Following it straight to where the music is in the distance, hit Lan Kwai Fang a bit of a cross between Malia and Marbs back line, everyone in full swing of drinking and dancing in the street despite it being 12am on a Monday night! Everyday is a weekend here!! So a bit intimidating when your slightly sober but checking out the street for best spot to people watch and get to the end where there are few nice restaurants. Heading back into the chaos am called over by a guy in the China bar who thinks I’m someone else looking for my boyfriend as looking a bit lost walking up and down the street lol. Sharing their outside table, they fill me in on their travels from China and west coast Australia which is interesting finding out new things to add to my list! They are on route to one of the trendy clubs nearby called Dragon-i and invite me along which is definitely a cool place to be apparently for the Glitterazi. On the door a girl just moved from south Woodford there working and full of a lot of other expats from London sitting at tables clearly doing well for themselves tables full of champagne and ciroc vodka reminding me of ocean beach with the ciroc served with flames! Awesome music and lots of dancing until 3/4am on night 1 isnt bad going and HK is up there for the nightlife.

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