More Lan Kwai Fang





Feeling chilled and a bit to sober at 1am head from the oriental to Lang Fan going via a place called sharkies for nice and super cheap £1 noodles and not so nice fried drumstick which was a big square slab of some meat so skipped that!

Finding out its a public holiday next day, the streets is even busier than usual and offering free entry to one of the flashy clubs there called Fovia… So trying it out I walk in and music is pumping and liking the DJ so stay for hour or so before the local ravers get a bit much and I start needing someone who can speak English to chat too and knowing its a public holiday sure it’s going to be busy still and find myself a perfect seat to people watching, drink vino and get WiFi! After about 15mins end up getting chatting to another Londoner – Rocky – only to find he is heading same places as me for last HK day,  Vietnam and Cambodia so first travel buddy lol.

Watching the street, not sure I’ve seen as many drunk people totally legless in one place even in Ibiza and that’s saying something! So leaving the carnage to find a club, end up in an ok house club’s called Bungalow where party with my new mate Rocky til it shuts and all the tables full of champagne have been necked by the locals.
20th October 2015

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