Queenstown Jet Boat Kawara and Shotover

After a chilled morning catching up on things in the room, Ida and I get ready for our jet boat trip on the K-Jet,which we managed to get at good price of $95 (47GBP) and goes across the Queenstown lake, Karawa River and Shotover river as has the longest time in the jet. Starting at 1pm, we manage to get to the front of the boat, which is definitely the best seats as the driver deliberately makes it look it he is going to crash into the bollards in the lake, bridge pillars or tress hanging across the sides. Everyone is very impressed with the driver, who is a cool kiwi guy that managed to get into jet boating just by doing a holiday job and knowing the right people as do most of the fun tour trip people who have experience in whatever they do.

So starting off on the lake he tells us that when he is going to do a spin he will circle his arm in the air, so that we all hold on. So he does a test one on the lake and it’s pretty fun doing the 360 turns and fast too. he says that he will do them faster next as just wants to check everyone is OK, which is nice. So going across the lake the views are awesome as you have the Ben Lomond in the distance, the autumn colours of the trees and the remarkable mountain range that seems to tower over Queenstown. Really scenic.

As we start going onto the KAWARA RIVER you can see the water colour change to a more tourquise blue and become so much clearer. he stops a few times to tell us about where we are and does quite a few 360 spins, which Ida is filming and it is quite funny as we end up going flying as she isn’t holding on properly all the time and I’m crashing into her side as he spins. Great fun and pleased to be doing with her, as nice to experience it with someone.

We go onto the shotover river next, as can only go so far up the Karawa River and that is very different a grey colour water with a lot of stones being very shallow. As it is a jet boat it is able to go over really shallow water. Again this is really scenic passing big houses on the side and mountain views. As we go along there is dog in the river who starts barking and chasing after our boat. As it is so shallow the dog is pretty fast and nearly even catches up to us with the driver having to go out of his way to avoid it. Very cute. We spend the next 15minutes going over this river until we can’t go any further as would go into the territory of the other tour groups.Again along the way he is always doing 360 spins that are fun.

As we make our way back, he once back along the lake goes around it a few time to parts we didn’t do on the way up for spins  and to show the scenery. Ida looks a bit like she is going to be sick when he does his last turn bless her – I guess not ideal doing it with a hangover.  Back at the jetty we are able to look at the video he took in their UNDERWATER observatory, which is really cool a mini aquarium under the lake showing all the fish. They are pretty big actually and are mainly trout. Not really seeing them close up before I deceide that these fish are pretty ugly looking, but cute at the same time as have funny little snouts. Not getting the video as Ida has the go pro footage and it costs $40 we head off. Ida to sleep a bit and I do a little exploring around the town checking out the shops and getting a couple of NZ souvenirs.

10th May 2016








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