Hello Cairns… Last stop of the East Coast Roadtrip

So eventually got to the last stop of my East Coast road trip after a 7 hour journey from Magnectic Island with only a brief stop at a funny little town called Caldwell, which only seems to have the one fish and chip restaurant with a giant plastic crab on it lol as it is only 7pm and you would think it’s midnight!

Staying at Gillingans for next couple of weeks this is going to be home and it’s the sort of place that has everything really, so don’t need to venture far out. Free meal when you buy a drink which for a pint is only $6 although food sizes are kid portions, but you can go up multiple times. The pool is good and actually cold unlike airlie pools. The rooms are decent, good size and clean. It’s just a very noisy hostel, so if you can put up with that then it’s fine.

My room is mostly asleep or out when I get there about 11pm. Funny I find out I’m staying in same room as the surfer girls Orla and Ruby , considering the hostel has about 700 beds! They are good fun and the other people in the room also seem nice – Emma, Christian and Deliah who I met in Magnectic Island.

24th February 2016






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