The Magical Magnectic Bays

The next day we need to take car back at 2pm and Emil to the ferry at 12pm, so focus on driving around radical road the most off road and fun one to check out more of the bays and try snorkelling. The road starts at the Forts carpark and offers several walking routes, but it’s just too hot to walk so stick with the car. The 4 main bays are Radical, Balding, Florence and Arthur.

We stop at Florence first and it looks beautiful and is considered by locals to be the best. It’s quite choppy and so when we try the snorkelling visibility is really poor. It’s still great having the stinger suits as means can at least go in the water, even if it’s impossible to put on. We are pretty much the only people on the beach apart from a few crazy ones swimming with no suit.

After we head to Arthur Bay Lookout which gives great views. There is a menorial too of a mum on one if the rocks who died at 41, so all wondering if this was her favourite spot and why there as it’s not high enough to be a suicide spot.

We don’t have time to go to Arthurs or do the Fort walk, especially as the car needs to go back quickly as aircon is leaking and the check engine alert came on. But after dropping Emil to the ferry and sorting the car, we try snorkelling at Geoffrey bay with no luck as also murky, but at least can feed the wallabies again. We then head to Radical Bay for final try before we have to give the gear back and yet again it’s not clear to see anything. Lovely spending on there anyway and nice end to having the Suzuki car as it’s both beautiful and fun driving on the road.

By time we get back after dropping car off, I use the time at the hostel to look into the rafting and skydive options for next part of the trip. Then for the final night it’s a trivia at the hostel and with Chloe join a team although we don’t add much haha as don’t win. It’s fun though and the bar manager does it well. After I hang out with him and another guy from England for bit, as Chloe is staying in and having a quiet one. I manage to get a lift with the Swedish guys who are going base, returning the favour, so as our hostel shuts at 10 head with them just for a couple. It’s another dance on the table night at base and everyone joins in, but is a lot quieter but hang out with the people from previous night. As we arrive late it goes very quickly as ends at 12 so again not too late, which is good as early start to check out and do the koala tour at our hostel.

23rd February 2016








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