The night before Fraser Island and preparing with Palace

So it’s the first of the main east coast trips today booked and staying with Palace Hostels who on first impressions don’t come across great as a very basic hostel and not very organised with the group, but by the end do grow on you. After arriving for the briefing where we get allocated our groups, told what to take and what food to buy, everyone just goes off on their own rather than together, which would be better to mix and meet people. Luckily I know a couple of finish girls from Byron, so hit the shops with them to buy bbq food and lunches for the trip and end up spending double than we were told it usually costs due to it bor being organised well and not putting in for a kitty for your group. So not the most exciting evening of food shopping and pre making lunches in the hostel kitchen, but chilled. And meet some lovely girls on my tour in the room, which is good as will be spending next 3 days together and the people in the room before they arrived only spoke Danish and so no conversations. 2 english (from Manchester) Rebecca and Sophie and Tamara from Switzerland who is really nice, but quieter as her English isn’t as good. With an early 6.30am start in the morning, we all crash about 11 after organising what we need to take as have to leave the main luggage in a locker. The room isn’t the best with only a couple of sockets, but handy for me it’s close enough to the bed as on the bottom bunk, as 11pm bit too early and need to catch up on messages and admin.

10th February 2016


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