The last few days of Perth

Only 3 days to until have to say bye to Perth and going to be sad to leave it behind. Overall keeping the days chilled starting with Monday recovering from our night out in Perth and Disclosure. MCGregor drives me, Joe and Abbey to Grilled Burger place on Scarborough beach, which is ok and I opt for ceaser salad rather than burger. Then to try and revitalise I go for a quick swim, but am the only one, so me and Mcgregor decide later to go back down and swim instead of netflix lol. Totally chilled day and loving the waves although strong as nearly took me out a couple of times!

Tuesday is another chill plus admin day since it is raining watching TopBoy in the background and getting a chance to eat the traditional ozzie pie, which is super nice. Later the night is topped off by a really nice evening in Leederville going to The Garden for drinks and       Ria Malay Kitchen for a gorgeous dinner of lamb curry.

Last day I make the most of Henry and cycle to Mettams pool for the exercise and to meet Claire and Mark one final time with little Sadie. There is a bad car crash outside the beach, writing both cars off with one guy not having any insurance, which won’t be good for him the naughty man. We chill at the beach for couple hours and its one of my favs here as its so calm near the rocks but good position to watch the wind surfers further along where the waves are much bigger and always mesmerising to watch. The sunset tonight is lovely and will miss Perths great sunsets. Enjoying my last cycle back, which is about 20mins and quite scenic along Karyinup road as passes Trigg Bushland Reserve, one of several actually in Perth as they wanted to protect them against all the tourists going to the beaches.

The last night we decide to have bbq lamb, as Tamara has the dreaded head cold and means I’m not so rushed heading to the airport as fly at midnight to Sydney, with McGregor dropping me there. Do love their bbqs and will miss them, as cool just sitting outside chatting. Its a super nice farwell bbq – healthy one too – with Michelle there and Reiner who swings by and stays for the bbq as its my little send off before Sydney and restarting the real life as a backpacker. Its been so amazing to stay with Tamara and McGregor who totally spoilt me lol so got to get back in the groove of hostels and not being anywhere too long.

11th -13th January 2016





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