Arrival at Gili Island

Super early start today for the pick up to Gili at 6.30am from TZ Hostel and all pretty straight forward. Head over with Joey from the hostel and the ride there is about hour half in car and same boat so pull up around 10ish just intime for lunch. The 3 islands are really close togethere much more than expected and think you can kayak across although the current looks super strong. First impressions coming in are gorgeous clear waters and nice beaches on an ok sized island so looks good. There are no cars or motor vehicles so its super chilled with just horse and carts everywhere and cycle bikes. A total beach vibe!

When we arrive Joey checks into his place broken compass that looks nice just out the way a bit and Im in Beach Bum Hostel which is fun place but bit quiet cause of the season and new rules where not allowed hostels and more than 3 people to a room. The room is big and can see where the other 4 beds would have been – def would hit a hostel like this too loose so many rooms. As soon as drop off bags head out to lunch on the beach for an average lunch as ordered avocado prawn salad and came with no avocado but the view makes up for it and its still quite cheap on the island but no where like Vietnam.

1st December 2015






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