Borneo Lodge Elephants

Can easy get more of elephants, despite seeing some on the river. The lodge gets a report that there are some elephants outside of the main reserve and for about £10 they can drive us to see if we can get them on the jeep. The weather isnt in our favour as pouring down with rain as we drive out about 30mins but get lucky as we come across a young mum and her baby eating. They get a bit nervous so move in more but still close enough to get some pics.

The other elephant sighting is on the way to the airport about hour through the reserve. First its a female and can get some pics from the car but then a huge male comes round the corner. Only 1 tusk as its been fighting too much and is known to be aggressive as charged at a car previous day. So understandably my driver is nervous and reverses back out of sight and says we need to wait for it to move before passing. At first im pleased as gives me time to take some pics but then get bit worried as it isn’t budging and I have a plane to catch and already left later than should have. 20mins pass then it finally gives in after looking like it wants to charge at us and we can head on to the airpirt, rest of journey drama free.

27th November 2015


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