Flashpacker Pool Party

So last day in Siem Reap probably could have done longer but only 10days here so cramming in. After a being a bit templed out a chill day at the pool was called for as getting a midnight sleeper bus. But being at flashpackers there is always an interesting group and a pretty crazy English group rock up Jamie Stewart and Tom, Jamie being a dj so got the tunes going and dancing round the pool most of the day. They start doing seal slides on their stomach as the cleaning lady is mopping the floor as it’s really wet so very entertaining and pleased they turned up as added the life to the hostel for the day! Love the bar at flashpackers and cool guys behind the bar giving free jaeger shots and enjoying Jamie’s music! Tom and Stewart properly hammered and Tom broke the beer pong table by jumping on it lol! it’s not a bad way to wait for the bus and def will make me sleep so all good for phonm penh!

13th November 2015







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