Chilled Beach Life of Mui Ne

So sun is shining today and super hot so head with George, May and Albert to the beach after a bit of lazing around the pool which is gorgeous! Walking along the beach all you can see is about 100 kite surfers all different colours which looks so much fun and considering a lesson. Heading back to VKS bar we have some lunch and albert ends up having to argue with a local Vietnamese lady who wouldn’t give the change back from a 200k note for a few bananas! They can be crafty…. After lunch me and George head for a walk on the beach while the others go to the sand dunes. Eventually we come across a nice bar called Dragon beach, very me with a beach club vube- good music, beanbags right on the beach and in the sun. We stay there for a few hours catching the sunset too which i always love. Leaving there right next door we stumble across the restaurants which all have loads of fresh seafood from jumbo prawns to baracuda, crocododile, shark abd pretty much any other fish you want! Pretty nice eating by the sea too!

8th November 2015


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