DaLat waterfall fun – canyoning, abseiling, climbing and sliding 

A great day out meeting really cool people and being brave at the DaLat waterfalls Through Viet Action Tours…. After an hour trek through the forest slipping down mud and rocks holding onto branches to stay up was good fun and prep for Borneo. Impressed with my trainers making me pretty much stay up vs the others sliding down so a great test. So we had to first learn how to abseil then did some waterfall slides which was fun! Then we attempted the first abseil at 25ft which actually wasn’t too bad apart from I didn’t want to let go the rope and jump after slipping and not knowing how far was underneath me!!

We broke up the abseiling with some 7ft cliff jumping and rock climbing which was awesome!  Then went onto the 2nd abseil called the washing machine which was quite unnerving as no one knew quite what the drop was or what we were abseiling down lol. Safe to say I think I need more practice on it but the guides were amazing and had total trust in them that it was safe and wouldn’t fall back when being told to lean at a 90degree angle over a steep waterfall with sheer drop! 

4th November 2015 


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