Halong Bay

Taking about 4.5hours to arrive, it was nice to be off the bus and see the junk boat we would be calling home for the night. Sharing with 2 other nice girls, we started off meeting the rest of the group on the deck with lunch before heading out to a cave. On return to the boat we go out on kayaks Which is good fun but tiring as I was mostly doing the rowing as Darren who was sharing with was busy taking go pro pics lol of us and all the people starting to jump off the boat. I also have a go at the jumping which looks quite high but is actually ok. After drying off and changing, we have dinner which was much nicer than the lunch as more choice and have a few chilled drinks on the deck before getting involved in crazy drinking games including beer ping pong, jimmy jimmy and whoosh! Beer Ping pong all gets a bit messy but is great way to meet new people. As usual I’m last to bed, Trying to stay up for the sunrise at 5.30 but failing and just managing until 3.30.
24th october 2015 











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