Central backpacker pub crawl


So taking full advantage of the free Beer hour in the hostel and the pub crawl it’s been a great way to meet new people… chatting on the sky roof bar everyone is friendly and trying to get people involved in the table soccer competition to win free beer. Heading out for the crawl, it’s actually just one bar we go to so not a crawl lol. Go to LOCAL which is actually an ok night as the group are fun with a cool group from england and even a few Vietnamese getting involved. Lots of dancing on the stage, with a few yoga and lunge moves getting thrown in! As Vietnam bars shut at 12am we head to another place called hero’s only to find the police have raided it and shut it down annoylingly after getting a taxi there. So instead head to a small bar called Rastaman sitting by the river having few beers. After 12pm most Vietnam bars that do open later just have a laptop you tube playlist lol so its quite chilled and stay out until 3 before heading back to the hostel
22nd October 2015

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