Hau Lu and Tam Coc

Another early start, with 2 German girls from the hostel we head out to Hao lu  which was the original Hanoi city before it got moved thousands of years ago by the king. See the old palace grounds and temple which is interesting to see and one of the better temples have seen so far. Lots of water buffolo are grazing about which haven’t seen before.

Leaving there were head to Tam Coc which is beautiful and is called Halong on land. We have a Buffett lunch which is traditional Vietnamese and pretty tasty apart from goats which wasn’t so keen on. After lunch pair up to go on a boat ride through the halong peaks and going though caves which is all breathtaking scenery. All boats are rowed using their feet which is pretty cool to see. The ride is about 30mins each way and there are a lot of boats doing the tour, even a wedding. Where we turn around to come back there are a lot of supermarket boats and I get guilt tripped into buying our rower a drink, which I definitely don’t mind as it looks hard work but hate being told or hassled to do itAfter the boat, we grab some bikes and cycle around the rice fields and local farm houses while passing women killing and gutting fish which is bit of a sight.













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